CTE Pathways

The Brooklyn STEAM Center offers six industry pathways under the Career & Technical Education program model.

Career & Technical Education

Each career pathway is approved by the New York State Education Department and features an industry-approved curriculum, engaging partnerships, supportive work-based learning experiences including a paid internship program, and stackable industry credentials.

Culinary Arts + Hospitality Management

Scholars will study hospitality management, food science, and nutrition by developing skills like food safety and sanitation, food preparation, food and beverage management, and event planning. Certifications include NYC Food Handler License, ServSafe Food Handler Certification, and NOCTI Prep Cook. Major projects include the handling of a local food cart for public consumption and catering events for industry partners.

Scholars practice their knife skills in our commercial kitchen to prepare a dish.

Scholars notate their measurements according to their developed plans to make cuts for their build.

Construction Technology

Scholars will study carpentry, masonry, residential building and electrical, and plumbing by developing skills like using construction math, interpreting plans and drawings, using hand and power tools, and installing electrical and plumbing systems. Certifications include OSHA 30, NCCER Core, NCCER Construction Technology, and Solar One. Major projects include the fabrication of a tiny home inside a shipping container and constructing a theater set.


Scholars will study IT Fundamentals, Networking & Security, Penetration Testing Concepts, Cybersecurity Foundations and computer hardware and software, as well as tactics for hacking to support organizations with their own defense. Certifications include OSHA 10, CompTIA ITF+, Certiport ITS – Networking, Network Security, and Cybersecurity.

Scholars work independently to hone their cybersecurity skillset.

Scholars finalize their digital designs to create and print in our fabrication lab.

Design & Engineering

Scholars will study robotics, computer-aided drawing and design, 3-D modeling and printing, and fabrication by developing skills like drafting and model making, solving problems using an engineering design process, computer-aided design and fabrication, and electrical wiring. Certifications include the Solidworks and Rhino 6. Major projects include the development of architectural plans and designing real solutions to community problems.

Film & Media

Scholars will study video production, post-production, audio engineering, and storytelling by developing skills in editing, post-production, sound design, and audio recording. Certifications include AVID Pro Tools and Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Major projects include the development of a podcast series and the full development process of a self-produced music video.

Scholars review audio/video that they have recorded to plot out the sequencing of their produced product.

Scholars work independently and with visiting industry partners to build their website on a socially aware cause.

Full-Stack Development

Scholars will study IT Fundamentals, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Full-Stack Integration. Projects are centered on building functional web applications, such as social media platforms, forums, and developer tools. Certifications include OSHA 10 CompTIA ITF+, Certiport ITS – HTML & CSS + Python, and Python Institute PCEP & PCAP.