Applying to the Brooklyn STEAM Center

General Admissions Process

The general process for a scholar to be enrolled with the Brooklyn STEAM Center is outlined below:


Research us and our partner schools (e.g. Open House) to determine if we would be the right fit.


Apply in the NYC High School Admissions Application for a partner school using the specific Brooklyn STEAM Center code and then be accepted there.


Complete accelerated coursework in Grades 9 & 10 while engaging with semi-annual STEAM events to accumulate credits and learn more about us.


Submit near the end of Grade 10 your Brooklyn STEAM Center supplementary application (pick your pathway) and await your acceptance notification!

It is recommended that scholars that apply to a partner school without the appropriate Brooklyn STEAM Center code speak to their school counselor to ensure they will be programmed for courses to take advantage of the program.


Brooklyn STEAM Center Admission Webinars

The Brooklyn STEAM Center provides a tangible pathway to economic mobility and wealth creation for young New Yorkers from a diverse range of socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, by preparing them, through project-based learning in a real-world environment, with the technical, professional, career and financial skills to create their own futures.

Planning for Success, The Journey

Although scholars do not typically start Brooklyn STEAM Center classes until Grade 11, they will need to ensure that they acquire sufficient credits to be able to split their day between us and their home high school. Check out the timeline for recommended steps in each grade level to prepare for the program.

Beyond that, the Brooklyn STEAM Center does NOT have any additional screening criteria for admitting scholars. We believe in student choice, driven by agency and interest, for admitting scholars.